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By Jorge Manuel Zelaya Fajardo August 13th, 2019 The human being has always had a fascination for challenging established records, and when we talk about the record of the tallest building in the world, this title falls upon the BURJ KHALIFA building, built in the central part of Downtown Dubai (a multi-stage megaproject and concepts) in the Republic of the United Arab Emirates. The BURJ KHALIFA is simply impressive, whether we measure it in numbers or in letters, in aesthetics or functionality, in maximum height or in its foundation. 828 meters high, the building exceeds 9 buildings that are over 500 meters high, located separately in different countries such as China, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and the United States. Its construction took 5 years and 4 months, with a 1.5 billion dollars budget , employing more than 12,000 workers throughout its construction process. From the architectural point of view, its designer, the American archi


Por Jorge Manuel Zelaya Fajardo Agosto 13, 2019 El ser humano siempre ha tenido una fascinación por desafiar récords establecidos y cuando hablamos del récord del edificio más alto del mundo, dicho  título recae hoy  día en el edificio  BURJ KHALIFA , construido en la parte central del Downtown Dubái ( un megaproyecto de varias etapas y conceptos) en la República de Emiratos Árabes Unidos. El BURJ KHALIFA es sencillamente impresionante. Ya sea que lo midamos en números o en letras, en estética o funcionalidad, en altura máxima o en su cimentación. Con 828 metros de altura, el edificio supera a  9 edificios mayores de 500 metros de altura ubicados de manera separada en diferentes países como China, Arabia Saudita, Corea del Sur y Estados Unidos. Su construcción tomó 5 años 4 meses con un presupuesto de 1.5 billones de dólares empleando a más de 12,000 trabajadores en todo su proceso de construcción. Desde el punto de vista de la arquit


By Jorge Manuel Zelaya Fajardo July 30th, 2019 I would’ve liked to be a sculptor, but I’m not. I would have been fascinated to have the talent for being able to face a rough marble rock and make something precious out of it, however, I don't have that talent. But to be fair, of all the sculptures, there is one in particular that I am deeply in love with: the Pietà (“Mercy” in English) by Michelangelo Buonarroti (born March 6, 1475—died February 18, 1564) . I have not yet been able to identify what makes it so special for me: I would not know if it is the divinity (full of youth) of Mary who, in her hands, has her Son, the dead Christ; or if it is because of the unlikely majesty of the chiseled work of Carrara marble. I would not know if it is because of its harmony or because of its absolute focus on detail. However, I’ve come to think that there is an emotional connection that could be the reason for such deep admiration on my behalf: