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  30 YEARS AGO…TODAY. By Jorge Manuel Zelaya Fajardo June 29th, 2017 I remember June 29th, 1987 as vivid as it was yesterday. I was officially ending my AFS Exchange Student Program in USA. Here I was hugging my wonderful host family ( the Gebbia’s from Middletown , Maryland) and saying goodbye. I remember that I was sad because I was leaving them, not knowing if I will see them again. I threw myself on a windowed seat inside a greyhound bus in a parking lot in Baltimore with 46 more exchange students like myself. I had mixed feelings inside my heart: I was leaving my host family’s house in the US to go back to my home in Honduras. Little I knew what was about to begin that day. From that Monday June 29th to the Wednesday July 8th, I experienced something simply incredible . I became a part of the AFS BUS TRIP #58 ROSTER. Sometimes I think that AFS had scientifically proven the Bus Trip Effect in an Exchange Student before going back home (which I can personally attest